Monthly Archives: May 2015

Something Old, Something New: Place-making and Community Building

By Leigh Kellett Fletcher | Last week at the Urban Land Institute Spring Meeting, I had the opportunity to tour parts of the second and third wards of Houston, Texas to look at urban revitalization developments in those areas. The striking differences between the two projects we toured led me to think about the intersection […]

Evaluating the Viability of a Redevelopment Project – Is it a Diamond in the Rough or a Piece of Coal?

By Leigh Kellett Fletcher | Developers who take on redevelopment projects do so because despite the heightened risk, there is the potential for great reward on many levels. Successful development projects are financially successful, transform communities and are intellectually satisfying because innovation and creativity are often required to overcome the inherent challenges posed by the […]

CDD 2.0 – Possibilities, Opportunities & Challenges

By Leigh Kellett Fletcher | During the recession, many community development districts (“CDDs”), special purpose units of local government established to fund public infrastructure, restructured bond debt to offset the impact of nonpayment of special assessments by developers unable to sell homes and meet their financial obligations. Post recession, as home sales increase and developers […]