Still Open and Working Hard for You!

Clients, Colleagues and Friends,

For the immediate future, and in accordance with heath guidelines, governmental orders, and our own business continuity plan, the attorneys and staff at Fletcher Fischer Pollack are operating remotely and conducting internal and external meetings virtually.

We realize that continuity of support is critical, and while we are doing our best to protect ourselves and our staff, we remain open and fully functional, serving our clients’ traditional and Covid-19 focused legal needs with high-quality and uninterrupted advice.

The three of us have worked hard to create a resilient company for ourselves, and we continue to do everything we can to help our clients successfully adapt to the changing world brought on by the pandemic.  The backbone of our firm is real estate and small business law, and as we work our way through this, our expertise will help you too.  We’ve already had success answering a lot of questions, and we can help you too.

  • How should my contractual obligations be fulfilled if I’m not bringing in enough money/ if approvals on my project aren’t happening?
  • How should I negotiate with my landlord/tenant?
  • Can I close on my purchase/sale?
  • Will the hearing on my application happen?
  • What happens to my environmental remediation obligations?
  • Do I qualify for assistance?
  • Is my business considered “essential”?

As you navigate forward, please contact us if we can provide assistance. In the meantime, stay safe, healthy and 6 feet apart!

Leigh Fletcher               Tina Fischer                  Anne Pollack