Services for Homeowner and Community Associations

Florida Homeowners’ and Community Associations (“HOAs” and “CAs”) are responsible for management of community finances, maintenance of community common areas and property and enforcement of community standards in accordance with association governing documents and Florida law. HOAs ensure that property owners abide by the community’s  governing documents and continue to meet the financial obligations required to maintain the community, enabling all owners to enjoy the amenities and benefits afforded by membership in the association. Likewise, Condominium Associations govern the operations of Condominium common areas and property and are governed by an elected board of residents charged with acting on behalf of the association for the common good.

As legal counsel to HOAs, CAs and condominium associations, Fletcher Fischer Pollack addresses the legal needs of HOAs and ensures that the actions of association board members are consistent with their obligations under the governing documents and Florida law. Each HOA is unique, so we work closely with each individual association client to address the unique issues that arise.

Fletcher Fischer Pollack can serve as general counsel to HOAs, CAs and condominium associations and provides cost effective, high quality representation to associations in the following areas:

  • Preparation and amendment of community governance documents, including condominium, cooperative and homeowners association documents, bylaws, rules and regulations.
  • Enforcement of restrictive covenants and rules and regulations.
  • Election matters
  • Preparation and review of contracts for construction, maintenance and management services
  • Resolution of disputes with unit or property owners, contractors, and vendors
  • Coordination with Community Development Districts
  • Interpretation of governing documents and applicable Florida law
  • Representation of associations in the administration of association business
  • Collection of unpaid assessments
  • Registered agent services

Fletcher Fischer Pollack, P.L. has experience in all facets of association, special district and Florida local government law, including formation and operation of HOAs, CAs condominium associations and CDDs, financing and construction of public infrastructure, tax exempt bonds, contracts and competitive bidding, as well as commercial and residential real estate law, land use, zoning and environmental law.