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Regardless of whether your business is just starting out or seeking to build on years of success, skillful planning can be the difference between accomplishing your goals and missing a critical opportunity. With more than 60 years of combined experience, the attorneys of Fletcher Fischer Pollack P.L. have the legal knowledge and practical insight to meet your immediate and future needs. From our office in St. Petersburg, we counsel clients on matters relating to property, regulatory and financial matters as well as other concerns that affect your company’s ability to thrive going forward. Today more than ever, business planning includes planning for the continuity of your operations and planning for the economic resiliency of your firm when environmental, social, political or economic disruptions occur.

What is a business plan?

At our firm, established attorneys work individually with clients regardless of the size or nature of the business. This way you can be assured that the counsel you receive will be tailored to your specific circumstances and goals when discussing elements of a business plan such as:

  • Establishing a legal entity — When you’re starting a business, it’s essential to determine which type of legal entity fits your current needs and gives you a platform on which to grow. We talk with clients about the advantages and drawbacks of partnerships, corporations, LLPs and LLCs, and then move forward by preparing thorough, accurate filings.  
  • Property issues — Finding the right location from which to run your operation is a crucial and often complex task. We handle a wide array of concerns relating to the purchase and leasing of commercial and industrial properties, including land use and environmental impact issues.
  • Internal governance — Setting clear guidelines for how your business should be run through bylaws, succession plans and other measures limits the likelihood of problems that result from confusion.

Throughout Florida, we offer knowledgeable, straightforward advice and find innovative ways for both small businesses and large firms to create and execute sound business strategies.

What is a continuity and resiliency plan?

At our firm, established attorneys work individually with clients to identify potential vulnerabilities in their operations, physical plant, technology, supply chain, human resources, and/or customer base to help clients craft a plan to reduce these business weaknesses.  This strategic planning can include:

  • Developing redundancy in employee skillsets and equipment
  • Hardening or relocating physical infrastructure from areas vulnerable to flooding, windstorm or other perils;
  • Reviewing insurance coverage for technological failures and business loss;
  • Planning for leadership succession, including transfers to employees and/or family members;
  • Identifying alternate suppliers for critical product components;
  • Improving data security and protection of intellectual property.

Businesses in Florida and other coastal areas need objective analysis and planning to succeed in the face of fast paced change in the economy, the environment, and the economic system.

Thorough advocates work to secure approvals for additional development

As your business grows, securing the necessary approvals for building construction and expansion can help you maximize its potential. For a full range of development-related tasks, you can rely on us to deliver outstanding advice and advocacy. Whether you need someone to coordinate various aspects of a project, provide assistance in obtaining financing, advance your interests with regulatory authorities or assist with any other element of a property deal, we can help make your development goals a reality.

Attorneys have extensive experience negotiating loans with lenders

Access to sufficient capital at the right time is essential to a growing business, but establishing favorable terms in a rapidly shifting market can be tricky. Our firm’s background includes representing both commercial borrowers and lenders in loan negotiations and discussions concerning complex financial structures. We closely examine our clients’ current circumstances and overall objectives when developing loan agreements, including arrangements secured by federal SBA and HUD programs. No matter the size or scope of the proposed financing, our attorneys provide valuable assistance from the planning stages through the closing.

Responsive firm offers valuable support in obtaining regulatory licenses

No matter how promising a business opportunity might seem, a regulatory roadblock might reduce return on your investment or prevent you from achieving your goal. In all types of situations where approval or authorization might be required from a federal, state or local government, our knowledgeable attorneys provide the information you need before you make decisions that cannot be undone. If an obstacle exists, we develop a thorough strategy to secure the outcome you seek whether it relates to land use, an operating license or another type of necessary permit.

Our Firm counsels companies in licensing and manufacturing innovative products and services

If your business is pushing the boundaries of science, engineering or technology, obtaining permission to manufacture and sell the product can include authorization from numerous federal, state and local regulatory bodies.  Sometimes there are restrictions on international exports; in other situations, the product is made with controlled substances. Our attorneys assist you in outlining and implementing a path to develop your manufacturing facility, and to marketing, distributing and selling your product throughout the world.

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