Florida Environmental Attorneys Provide Knowledgeable Counsel

Firm attorneys work to safeguard clients’ property interests

As Florida’s physical and legal landscape changes, managing environmental issues correctly has become an increasingly important aspect of land ownership and investment. Fletcher Fischer Pollack P.L. advises clients on numerous environmental law concerns related to the development and use of real property, including due diligence reviews, transactions involving contaminated land, permits for treatment of water discharges, air emission standards and consumptive uses. Moreover, we handle all types of regulatory compliance issues, such as negotiating site specific clean up agreements and obtaining federal Army Corps of Engineers permits for terrestrial and benthic projects, with related environmental reviews under the U.S. Endangered Species Act.  We have represented renewable energy providers, landfill operators, cruise ship terminal operators, marina owners, and ports in their environmental permitting and compliance activities.

Proven lawyers assist with the buying and selling of contaminated property

Any real estate transaction involving a potentially contaminated property requires extra investigation and care. Our background in environmental law and commercial real estate gives us the ability to safeguard the interests of sellers, purchasers, lenders, investors, landlords and tenants in these situations. From assisting with small parcels to handling major redevelopment projects, we have the resources and real-world knowledge to give you informed counsel regarding property valuation, potential cleanup costs and government actions that might affect your transaction.

Firm handles pollution, water and Endangered Species Act matters and other regulatory compliance issues

Our firm represents businesses, developers and others in regulatory compliance actions related to brownfield redevelopment, waste disposal, wetlands preservation and other matters linked to environmental rules such as:

  • EPA regulations — We take effective action to create awareness of, and compliance with, the complex web of regulations established by the Environmental Protection Agency regarding contamination and land use.
  • Clean Water Act — To comply with the federal Clean Water Act, certain water quality standards are in effect throughout the state. For clear, complete advice on federal rules as well as Florida-specific regulations addressing impaired surface waters and protection of the Everglades, you can count on our experienced attorneys.
  • Endangered and Threatened Species acts — Florida’s robust fish and wildlife population creates challenges for developers who must abide by the federal Endangered Species Act as well as the corresponding state statute, whose title also includes threatened species. If you’re associated with a building or repair effort that might have an impact on an animal that has been identified as being at risk, we will assist in negotiations with regulators and the review of possible alternative plans.
  • CERCLA/Superfund — Under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), a “Superfund” was created to pay for the remediation of locations identified as public health hazards. In cases involving both long- and short-term projects, our attorneys work to advance the interests of property owners and affected parties.

Even if concerns have not been previously raised about a particular site, concerns about storm-water discharge, air emissions, consumptive uses of the property or other factors could threaten a promising real estate deal. By taking a proactive approach to potential environmental problems, we give clients the knowledge they need to make sound choices.

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