Skilled Attorneys Manage Land Use and Development Issues

Zoning and Land Use lawyers work throughout Florida

Representing landowners and developers, Fletcher Fischer Pollack P.L. assists clients with a wide variety of land use matters. In particular, we help clients obtain development entitlements and permits from local or territorial governments and agencies as well as from federal and state governmental entities in Florida. We have represented developers of master planned communities, affordable housing, hotels and resorts, mixed-use urban redevelopment projects, landfills, renewable energy projects and multi-family developments, negotiating development agreements, obtaining zoning approvals, and implementing demolition and reconstruction of multiple large inner-city brownfield sites.

Dedicated attorneys help to secure necessary zoning approvals

From the outset of any development project, it’s critical to obtain clear, knowledgeable counsel regarding the permitted uses of the relevant land and what types of zoning approvals will be required. With decades of combined experience in this area, our attorneys can help you anticipate how disputed questions might be resolved and evaluate whether rezoning or some sort of conditional use designation is feasible.  Whether you’re just starting the land use planning process or need help immediately seeking a variance, reclassification or some other type of relief, we give you honest advice and strong representation before government bodies.

Experienced firm advises businesses on obtaining permits for development

Securing the proper permits for a real estate development requires a wide range of skills and knowledge of various subjects. We have achieved strong results for clients by providing high-level counsel on issues such as:

  • Plat and site plan applications — If you’re building a development, our firm assists with plats and site plans so that they can be approved and recorded with the applicable municipal and county authorities.
  • Planned unit development — Numerous investors, real estate companies and municipalities have recognized the benefits of planned unit developments, where subdivisions or other types of mixed-used communities are created to serve a diverse set of stakeholders.
  • Master planned communities — We also counsel different clients on the concerns relating to master planned communities, which are built on a larger scale than planned unit developments. We handle a range of issues, from interactions with government bodies regarding land entitlements to disputes over covenants, conditions and restrictions.
  • Environmental impact reviews — Changes to the pertinent law and increased attention on the effects of climate change have transformed how developers need to approach environmental impact reviews. In matters involving regulatory standards as well as studies conducted for private purposes or to secure financing, we deliver thorough legal guidance.

In addition to assisting with permit matters, we also handle tasks relating to financing, escrow, title, letters of intent and term sheets.

Innovative advocates offer guidance in negotiating development agreements

We draft and negotiate effective, enforceable documents that serve our clients’ needs, from handling the preparation of responses to requests for proposals and qualifications to reaching agreements that govern property developments after their construction is complete. Drawing on our substantial experience in this field, we identify possible areas of concern and pursue creative solutions to issues that stand in the way of consensus between stakeholder parties. In each situation, our attorneys outline possible contingencies in detail and work tirelessly to accomplish our clients’ goals and avoid unnecessary obstacles.

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