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Knowledgeable Florida attorneys safeguard clients’ property interests

Commercial real estate matters present a wide variety of expected and unexpected challenges. Drawing on our extensive experience handling property issues in Florida, Fletcher Fischer Pollack P.L. provides comprehensive legal guidance to businesses, developers and investors. We assist clients with a full range of commercial real estate transactions, including drafting and negotiation of contracts, creating suitable financing arrangements and dealing with land use issues. Our firm also represents businesses in situations relating to leases, environmental contamination, community governance, title matters and disputes over property rights.

Dedicated advocates handle landlord-tenant issues and financing matters

Drawing on more than 60 years of combined legal experience, our lawyers represent commercial real estate clients in situations relating to:

  • Due Diligence — We assist with, and/or coordinate, land use and real estate due diligence, including but not limited to obtaining zoning confirmation letters, conducting code violation/code compliance research and reviewing surveys and environmental reports. Our firm also prepares preliminary analysis of sites being considered for purchase to determine allowable density, land uses and applicable restrictions.
  • Property sale and lease contracts — Our firm drafts, reviews and negotiates contracts for property sales and leases. No matter how large or small the transaction might be, we focus on completing a deal with a document that puts our clients in the best possible position going forward.
  • Easements and restrictions — Easements and other restrictions that might run with a given property can have a significant effect on the value and enjoyment that an owner receives from a piece of land. In matters relating to access and conservation easements as well as those created for different purposes, we work to achieve favorable resolutions.
  • Financing and mortgages — Our firm delivers comprehensive counsel to both lenders and borrowers to safeguard their interests. Whether you’re seeking a mortgage or looking to issue one, we assist with financing instruments linked to your real estate transaction. This includes assistance with deals involving public financing, bank loans and investment from private equity firms.
  • Landlord-tenant issues — We represent both landlords and tenants, taking on legal matters pertaining to the development and enforcement of lease terms associated with office, industrial and retail properties.
  • Public/Private Partnerships for Redevelopment — We represent both private developers and local governments negotiating master development agreements to strengthen our community by removing blight, remediating contamination and developing affordable housing and mixed-use economic development. We also assist in identifying and responding to Requests for Proposals/ Requests for Qualifications from governments seeking private partners for development projects and can assist in identifying and quantifying available public incentives, tax credits and other funding sources for public/private projects

Our knowledge of the commercial real estate industry has helped us build a diverse group of clients and a strong reputation in this field.

Efficient attorneys coordinate commercial real estate closings in Florida

Our firm represents lenders, buyers and sellers in commercial real estate, and we have a thorough understanding of the pitfalls that could threaten the process. We make sure that relevant documents, including materials reflecting financial arrangements, are prepared and accurate. During each phase of the closing, our attorneys explain the importance of relevant materials so no ambiguity exists among the parties.

Firm provides comprehensive support for condo and homeowners associations

Homeowners and condominium associations face a wide range of concerns relating to governance, maintenance fees, upkeep of common areas, property standards and other matters of community interest. Our firm represents these organizations to help them enforce rules fairly and adhere to relevant Florida laws. For both advisory matters and disputes, we give HOAs, condo and community associations the support they need to deal effectively with whatever issues arise.

Coastal development on the Gulf of Mexico is projected to be affected by sea level rise. Local governments are taking many approaches to planning for sea level rise. Some actions include downzoning, increasing setbacks and limiting the right to rebuild.  Some of these strategies will disproportionately impact owners of condominium units on the coast.  As your local government grapples with these issues, we can assist your association to understand the proposed laws, insurance requirements and appropriate procedures to safeguard their investment in real property

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